Faculty Affairs Committee

Chair: Tiffany Huitt (since 5/22/2018)
Members: Daisy Alapat, Nukhet Aykin-Burns, Aliza T Brown, Lori Fischbach, Emily Freeman, Abdallah Hayar, Pamela Laborde, Chenghui Li, Mahendran Mahadevan, Laura Smith-Olinde

The initial charges of the committee are:
1.   The general facilitation of faculty at UAMS
2.   Provide a forum for beneficial suggestions, concerns, and complaints in this area and produce recommendations for the Senate to conside

The initial areas of interest are
1.    Policy concerning recruitment and retention of Faculty
2.    Faculty perspective on incentives, promotion, tenure, and related policy
3.    Academic excellence (may go to a separate committee on Academic Affairs in future)