Duties of the Academic Senate

Duties of the Campus Assembly: Article One
• Develop guidelines and regulations for
– campus affairs,
– quality of campus life,
– enhance environment of academic excellence.
• Promote Understanding, collaboration, community
• Provide a representative Forum and recommendations to the Chancellor and President

Specific Duties of the Senate: Article Four
• Legislative body for developing educational policies on UAMS campus
– Admission requirements
– Curriculum and courses
– Degrees and requirements for degrees
– Calendar and schedules
– Academic honors and honorary degrees
– Student academic affairs
– Interpretation of its own legislation

Duties of the Senate:
• Not the primary body within Colleges which retain rights on curricula,  programs and requirements
• Is for Intercollege and Intercampus programs
• Guarantee the purpose of Article I
• Specifically
– Any campus wide concern
– Research Facilitation
– Appointment, Promotion, Tenure, etc
• Additional direction from Chancellor Rahn
Tasking the two elected Senate Representatives from each College to be the primary conduit of information to and from Faculty and Administration.