Policy 405.1

Materials related to Arkansas System Tenure Policy 405.1 revision

UAMS Academic Senate response to the policy revision:
-1/18/2018: Summary of the Outcome of the January 18th meeting at UA Systems Office regarding 405.1 revision. by Leanne Lefler, PhD, Academic Senate President
-12/8/2017: Change.org petition: UAMS Faculty Senate Council Resolution to Proposed Changes to Board Policy 405.1
-11/7/2017: UAMS Academic Senate Letter to president Bobbitt and the Board of Trustees
-10/25/2017: 405-1-DRAFT-Big-Ticket-Items-Response-from-Academic-Senate.pdf

The revised and original policy:
-3/26/2018: Final version of the policy placed on the agenda of the Board of Trustees meeting on 3/29/2018 
New -3/22/2018: Comparison of Board Policy re.2 (2/13/2018) & rev. #3 (3/22/2018)
-3/16/2018: The policy counter proposal – Silverstein & Steinbuch, 405.1 Proposed Changes: Redline, Final
-2/26/2018: Policy 405.4 (Termination of Employment) revision
-2/14/2018: The policy 405.1 revision #2
-11/6/2017: Freedom of Information Act Request permission to access all the documents relating to the proposed changes to 405.1, 405.4, and 470.1. link
-10/25/2017: Jo Ann Coleman, M.A., J.D.: Freedom of Information Act Request Letter to Dr. Bobbitt
-9/25/2017: Mark-up version of the revised 405.1 Policy: BP-405.1-Appointment-Promotion-Tenure-REVISIONS.pdf
-10/19/2017: Revised policy 405.1 from UA System after receipt of UAMS Academic Senate recommendations (Big Ticket Items): BP-405-1-Appointment-Promotion-Tenure-OGC-10-19-17.docx
-2001: The Original 405.1 Policy

Other responses and analysis:
-2/23/2018: UALR Faculty Senate Executive Committee response to Tenure Policy revision #2
-2/2/2018: Arkansas Blog: UALR law profs dispute argument for change in tenure rule
-1/17/2018: Response to the Office of General Counsel’s FAQ Concerning the Proposed Revisions to Board Policy 405.1. by Robert Steinbuch and Joshua Silverstein
-12/4/2017: The University of Central Arkansas Faculty Senate has issued a resolution condemning the proposed changes to 405.1
-11/23/2017: Arkansas Blog: More criticism of UA proposal to change tenure policy
-11/17/2017: Arkansas Blog: UAMS begins budget tightening; raises and hiring affected
-11/12/2017: Robert Steinbuch: Board Meeting
-11/12/2017: Borse Gergory: BOT policy 405.1
-11/9/2017: FAQ on Revisions to Board Policies 405.1, 405.4 and 470.1. Comments may be sent to feedback@uasys.edu until December 15, 2017.
-11/8/2017: Arkansas Blog: Same as it ever was: UAMS’ $39 million deficit gets a hearing, not a solution
-11/6/2017: University of Arkansas Fayetteville Faculty Senate letter to their chancellor, president Bobbitt, and the Board of Trustees
-11/6/2017: Philip Palade (President of AAUP UAMS Chapter): Comments on revision of Board Policy 405.1
-11/4/2017: Arkansas Conference of AAUP Letter to the UA System Board of Trustees
-10/30/2017: University of Arkansas at Little Rock letter to president Bobbit
-10/30/2017: Joshua Silverstein: 405.1 Update — Item Probably NOT Up for Vote in Nov. & ADG Story Likely Out Tomorrow
-10/27/2017: University of Arkansas at Little Rock Faculty Governance Committee Response
-10/26/2017: Robert Steinbuch: Possible Impact of policy revision on health care in Arkansas
-10/26/2017: Joshua Silverstein: 405.1 Update — Goings on at UAMS and Next Steps
-10/23/2017: Joshua Silverstein: Proposed Changes to UA System Rules Are Grave Threat to Tenure and Academic Freedom
-10/2/2017: Abdallah Hayar (Chair of the UAMS Academic Senate Communications Committee): Comprehensive analysis of the policy revision

Media links: (see also Steinbuch Law’s webpage for an alternative list)
-3/27/2018: ArkansasOnline: UA draft on tenure ready for trustees
-3/26/2018: ArkansasOnline: Freedom to debate: Tenure a necessary protection
-3/20/2018: Arkansas Times blog: Survey: UAMS faculty opposed to tenure change proposal
-3/6/2018: ExpertClick: The University Wave of Firings: A Crisis at the University of Arkansas System and Its Medical School
-2/26/2018: ArkansasOnline: Free to speak: Academic freedom on campus
-2/5/2018: The Fire: FIRE to University of Arkansas System: Do not adopt proposed board policy 405.1
-12/10/2017: ArkansasOnline: Faculties’ outcries slow UA System’s tenure-policy redo
-11/27/2017: The Arkansas Project: Quashing Speech at the University of Arkansas? 
-11/26/2017: New York Post: The wrong way to save academia
-11/23/2017: TaxProfBlog: University Of Arkansas To Permit Firing Of Tenured Faculty For Lack Of Collegiality
-11/22/2017: Reason.com: Arkansas Universities Want to Be Able to Fire Professors Who Aren’t Collegial
-11/21/2017: James Martin Center: Free Speech on Campus and Academic Freedom Under Attack in Arkansas
-11/12/2017: Daily Caller: University Of Arkansas Profs Bash Proposal That Could Fire Profs For Not Being ‘Cooperative’
-11/10/2017: ArkansasOnline : UA System taking input on tenure policy changes: By Aziza Musa
-11/10/2017: ArkansasOnline: An awful policy: UA proposal guts academic freedom by Joshua M. Silverstein and Robert E. Steinbuch
-11/6/2017: Campus Reform: EXCLUSIVE: School admits tenure policy ‘limiting’ to free speech
-11/3/2017: The Fire: Proposed University of Arkansas System policy spells trouble for academic freedom
-11/1/2017: Daily Caller: University Of Arkansas Tenure Policy Could Make It Easier To Fire Conservative Profs
-10/31/2017: Campus Reform: Profs blast proposal to weaken tenure at U of Arkansas
-10/31/2017: ArkansasOnline: Vote on faculty measure delayed. Members ask for a say on UA System dismissal policy
-10/29/2017: Typepad.co TaxProfBlog: University Of Arkansas To Change Tenure Policy To Permit Firing Of Faculty For Lack Of Collegiality
-10/27/2017: Arkansas Times blog: Tenure changes at UA draw more attention, opposition from UAMS faculty
-10/26/2017: Chronicle of Higher Education: U. of Arkansas System Considers Changes to Ease Tenured-Faculty Firings
-10/24/2017: The Arkansas Project: Academic Freedom at U of A, RIP?
-10/24/2017: Arkansas Times blog: Tenure debate brewing at the University of Arkansas
-10/24/2017: Savory Post: Policy proposal threatens academic freedom at University of Arkansas

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