Faculty Survey



Results Faculty Survey (2019)  (Analyzed and presented by Andrew James)


Results of Faculty Survey (2017)  (Excel, Lee Ann MacMillan-Crow). See also slides presented by Leanne Lefler.



Survey results for each specific college:



Survey results for each specific college:


Exit Survey

The welfare of UAMS faculty is very important to the Academic Senate.
Please take a few moments to let us know why you are leaving or why you have left.

Three ways to say goodbye:

1- Electronic Survey

Please click here to complete the survey online. If you have any questions, please contact:

2- Paper Survey

To complete a paper survey,
please print the PDF file and send it to  current Academic Senate president.

3- In person

To make an appointment, please contact current Academic Senate president.


All responses will be kept strictly confidential.
We’d like to keep the good folks we have, and the Academic Senate wants to keep the faculty happy. Sharing your story will help us design programs and secure resources to help UAMS provide a supportive work environment to recruit and retain the best people.
Thank You.